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What we do

What we do

Help the uprooted and stateless

UNHCR in Central Europe works to ensure that asylum-seekers have access to territory, fair and efficient asylum procedures, and humane reception conditions. UNHCR also promotes the integration of refugees into their host societies, or resettlement someplace else if it is not possible for these people to stay in the country where they first sought refuge. The UN refugee agency also works to protect stateless people in the region by lobbying for the development and strengthening of laws to tackle and reduce the problem. 

UNHCR aims to ensure that when making decisions about programmes, people – and their protection and welfare – are the priority. To this end, the agency regularly carries out participatory assessments (part of its Age, Gender and Diversity strategy) in detention and reception facilities, and visits refugees in their private homes. The agency’s goal: to understand fully the concerns and needs of displaced people in the region. UNHCR is especially attentive to the needs of the vulnerable, such as children, women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Informing the public about the displaced and stateless is an important part of what UNHCR Central Europe does. The agency gets the word out by publishing information leaflets and reports (both digital and printed), running websites in all the countries of the region, and working with the media. 

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Ensuring legal protection

How UNHCR as a watchdog over refugee issues promotes basic human rights of refugees and helps states establish asylum structures.

Overseeing reception conditions

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Promoting integration

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A durable solution for those who can neither return home in safety and dignity nor stay in the place of first refuge. How UNHCR promotes resettlement.

Caring for vulnerable groups

A special attention to meet the needs of children, women, elderly people and those with disabilities. Read more. 

Protecting the stateless

A problem affecting an estimated 12 million people worldwide. See how UNHCR protects them.


How UNHCR operates

Learn how we carry out our work and mandate.

Age, Gender and Diversity

Learning about the concerns and needs of refugees and asylum-seekers from themselves.

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