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Legal documents

Legal documents
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Guiding Human Rights instruments and laws on refugee protection

A comprehensive selection of international and European legal instruments as well as national legislation relating to asylum, migration, refugee protection and the basic human rights of the displaced. As one of its core tasks, the UN Refugee Agency regularly comments on the existing or new laws and proposed amendments. UNHCR also makes concrete recommendations to governments to help them bring their national legislation in line with international standards.

International refugee law

Find the international refugee law and Human Rights instruments relevant for UNHCR’s work.

UNHCR handbooks, recommendations and guidelines

Guiding documents for authorities, legal practitioners and decision-makers to find durable solutions for refugees. 

European Union asylum acquis

Find the directives, regulations and other legal instruments of the EU relating to asylum and migration.

UNHCR observations on European Union asylum acquis

Reports, comments, recommendations and the monitoring work of UNHCR on the EU asylum acquis.

National asylum legislations in Central Europe and UNHCR's observations

Find the national asylum legislations in the region in English and the national languages as well as UNHCR's comments and recommendations.


Refugee Law Reader

An online reader of cases, documents and materials in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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