UNHCR billboards encourage Hungarians to get to know real refugees

Wednesday 10, June 2015

UNHCR/Á. Stiller
UNHCR will launch its billboard campaign in Budapest on June 16, 2015 - click on the photo for the posters

Beginning next week, UNHCR will encourage Budapest residents to learn more about extraordinary refugees who found a home in Hungary and contribute to this country. Commuters can “meet” refugees along two Budapest subway lines; UNHCR’s refugee posters, by coincidence, will form an interesting dialogue with the Hungarian government’s anti-immigrant billboard campaign.

Zeeshan from Pakistan is a member of the Hungarian national cricket team, Begum Ali from Bangladesh is the owner of a restaurant, Sophie from Togo works as a nanny in a kindergarten and Dariush from Afghanistan is building a career in tourism. Billboards featuring their photos and stories will begin appearing along the No 2 and 3 subway lines on 16 June as part of the UN refugee agency’s events for World Refugee Day on June 20.

This year’s World Refugee Day campaign aims to show that refugees are ordinary people living through extraordinary circumstances who have often overcome astounding obstacles. Many would love to contribute to Hungary. This year World Refugee Day takes place against a backdrop of conflict in Europe (Ukraine) and many other regions, growing numbers of forcibly displaced people and a rising tide of intolerance and xenophobia in many parts of the world.

As UNHCR launched the 2015 campaign, High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said:

“All around the world we are seeing families fleeing violence. The numbers are massive - but we must not forget that these are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. People who led ordinary lives before war forced them to flee. On this World Refugee Day, everyone should remember the things that connect all of us - our common humanity.”

You can get to know Zeeshan, Begum Ali, Sophie and Dariush at unhcr.org/refugeeday/hu and at dedicated press events in the next ten days.

For more information, please contact: Ernő Simon, Senior Public Information Associate at +361 336 3345, simoner@unhcr.org


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