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Getting the message out

UNHCR Central Europe uses both old and new media to keep the public and its donors informed about what we are doing, and to tell the real story about how displacement affects human lives. This vital service is performed by our public information staff in all the countries covered by the Regional Representation for Central Europe. Each media officer is ready to provide up-to-date and extensive information on our activities, and asylum trends and issues.

Browse the sections below for the latest news, the human story behind displacement, and a selection of our best photos and videos. Visit other sections of the website to get the latest statistics on displacement, and information on our work in the region and around the world. 

If you are a journalist, contact our public information office to get the full story.

Media contacts

Get on-the-spot details and background information for your article or TV report. 


Be the first to learn about asylum issues around the world.

The human story

Hear the displaced tell their stories of hardship, courage, and perseverance. 

Photo galleries

How does it feel to be displaced the first 48 hours after fleeing your home? What is life like for an asylum-seeker? View photos that explore these tragic questions.

Video galleries

Experience the courage and challenges of the displaced through our videos.

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