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Working together

Because refugee needs are enormous and resources are limited, the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR cannot do its job alone. It relies on a wide range of partnerships to protect refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless, the particularly vulnerable among them and to promote durable solutions to their plight. 

UNHCR partners range from governments to non-governmental organizations, foundations and corporations, other United Nations and major International Organizations and the European Union. UNHCR also cooperates with a number of other civil society actors, such universities, advocacy groups, the academia and the refugee communities themselves. 

Cooperation ranges from mutual information sharing and debates to coordination of activities or joint projects in the field of migration, asylum and statelessness.

The ultimate purpose of these partnerships is to maximize the efforts and resources dedicated to the assistance and protection of refugees and other uprooted people. 

Government partners

To protect and assist refugees and find long-term solutions to their plight. A close cooperation with the host governments. 

NGO partners

A strong partnership with non-governmental organizations across the region. 

Corporate and Foundation partners

Playing an important part in stepping up our aid to the displaced in need of special care.


UN Sister and International Organizations

As part of one big family, UNHCR works with other United Nations and major International Organizations. 

European Union

One of the most important partners in supporting uprooted people in Europe and worldwide.

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