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Vital funds

UNHCR relies for some 97 percent of its budget on voluntary contributions from governments, inter-governmental institutions, individuals, foundations and corporations. It receives only three percent of its financial means from the United Nations budget.

Throughout the year, UNHCR works to raise funds for its programmes and to address sudden emergencies that occur. It is important that the UN Refugee Agency receives generous and flexible donations that allow its funds to be directed where they are most needed. UNHCR also accepts in-kind and service contributions, including relief items such as tents, medicines, trucks and air transport. 

In 2010, UNHCR introduced its first global needs-based budget that reflects comprehensive assessments in all countries where it operates. Total requirements for 2012 are US$ 3.59 billion, that is the largest ever budget of the agency. The requirements for Central Europe amount to some US$ 11.1 million. 

Every year, donors, including the governments of the countries in Central Europe make their donations at the agency’s annual pledging conference for the following year. In December 2011, donors globally pledged US$ 482.5 million for the UN refugee agency's operations in 2012 to help forcibly displaced and stateless people worldwide. An additional US$ 122 million was pledged for 2013 and beyond.

UNHCR expects additional funds during the year to be able to equally provide protection and assistance to all in need in both the Central European region and the world.


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