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Figures at a Glance

Figures at a Glance
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Know your numbers

Facts and figures are vital to UNHCR for planning its operations and being prepared when an emergency strikes. Full-time statisticians in UNHCR's Field Information and Coordination Section keep track of the latest figures and data on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people. These statistics are released every June in the annual Global Trends report. Annual budget figures are compiled by the Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization service, while the Division of Human Resources Management keeps details on the agency’s staff and personnel.

The Regional Representation for Central Europe collects and synthesizes monthly data and figures both at the regional and country level. (Country figures are obtained from refugee authorities in the seven countries covered.) These data are analysed to identify the current trends and changes regarding the number of asylum applications, the country of origin of an asylum-seeker, and the type of protection requested and granted. The analysis also looks at the situation of vulnerable groups, unaccompanied minors as well as victims of human trafficking. This enables the Representation’s Programme, Protection and Public Information Units to monitor developments and plan operations. 

In 2013, UNHCR operated on a budget of more than US$ 5.3 billion. This is a record, and figures could continue to rise as the agency bases its budget appeals on the needs of the displaced. The 2013 budget of UNHCR in Central Europe was US$ 11.4 million, and included the funding of, among other things, Emergency Transit Centres in Slovakia and Romania, and the monitoring of reception conditions across the region.

Over the years, UNHCR has allocated more and more resources to field operations around the world, and has cut back on staff and administrative costs. Currently, the agency has a total staff of 7,685 people, 85 percent of whom are in the field in over 125 countries, working out of 135 regional and country offices, as well as 279 sub-offices and field offices. 

The Regional Representation for Central Europe has a staff of just over fifty people based in its office in Budapest, and in the seven countries it covers. 

Apart from the Regional Representation, Budapest also hosts UNHCR’s Global Service Centre, which was opened in 2008 with some 300 staff members involved in budget, personnel, supply management and global learning.


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