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Address root causes of conflicts – UNHCR

Bled Strategic Forum: UNHCR calls for a global approach to address root causes of conflicts ...read more

Nansen Refugee Award 2016

Hellenic Rescue Team and Efi Latsoudi share 2016 Nansen Refugee Award, recognized for their tireless voluntary efforts to aid refugees arriving in Greece.​

No Stranger Place

No Stranger Place is a series of stories profiling refugees and their hosts across Europe, developed by photographer Aubrey Wade.

Hungary: deterring asylum-seekers

Observations of UNHCR on the restrictive new legal measures and subsequent practice

The IKEA Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign raises €10.8 million for UNHCR

UNHCR, thanks IKEA customers and co-workers for supporting ‘Brighter Lives for Refugees’, a global cause-related campaign that raised €10.8­ million for refugees this year. The funds raised by the campaign will help improve the lives of 380,000 refugees in Bangladesh, Chad, Ethiopia and Jordan by providing education opportunities, solar street lights, solar lanterns and other renewable energy solutions.

Refugees endure worsening conditions as Syria's conflict enters 5th year

As the Syrian conflict enters its fifth year, millions of refugees in neighbouring countries and those displaced within the country are caught in alarmingly deteriorating conditions.

Generosity of fellow citizens saves displaced Ukrainians from hunger and cold

For the 610,000 Ukrainians adrift within their own borders, the pain of fleeing homes under shelling has been eased by the astonishing altruism of fellow Ukrainians.

UNHCR report shows world’s poorest countries host most refugees

Wars in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere caused 5.5 million people to become refugees or internally displaced in the first half of 2014 ...

Photo Gallery - Life in the Shadows: People Smuggling at the European Union's Edge

So far this year, nearly 200,000 people have entered the European Union (EU) through irregular routes - many undertaking life-threatening journeys across the Mediterranean. At the fringes of the EU recently, on either side of the border between Hungary and Serbia, several Afghans and Syrians explained […]

Photo gallery: Afghan trainee chef has the recipe to make it in Hungary

A day in the life of Zia Karimi, a young Afghan refugee living in Hungary. Zia fled persecution and violence in Afghanistan as a teenager. Now he is a trainee chef in a top Budapest hotel with his own family and a career plan.

Hungary: Open borders allowed East Germans to flee 25 years ago

The effect of Hungary’s momentous decision was freedom for tens of thousands of East Germans.

UNHCR Observations on the Current Situation of Asylum in Bulgaria

What is the current situation for refugees and asylum-seekers in Bulgaria? Find out.

Project report: Refugee integration in Central Europe

How can we measure refugee integration? And how integration programmes in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia fare?

Project report: Response to Vulnerability in Asylum

Why are some asylum-seekers more vulnerable than others? What special care do they need? And is your country giving it to them? Find out.

Bulgaria as a country of asylum - 2014

UNHCR's new position paper on the current situation of asylum and returns to Bulgaria under the EU's Dublin regulation.

Bulgaria operation

Read the latest news about UNHCR’s activities in Bulgaria.

UNHCR's provisional comments on the planned amendments to the Bulgarian asylum legislation

Read our comments, concerns and recommendations on the planned changes here.

The Children of Harmanli

Photo essay on the daily tribulations of life in the overcrowded camp, home to over a thousand people, including 300 children in dire living conditions.



Access to Family Reunification in Central Europe

Can refugees reunite with their families they were forced to leave behind ? Find out from UNHCR's report

Mustafa’s Children

After five lost years, a bittersweet reunion in Budapest gives renewed hope to one Afghan family.


Where is my home?

Read our latest research on homelessness and access to housing among asylum-seekers and refugees across Central Europe.

Welcome to the Hotel Ritz

Photo essay from Bulgaria on homeless asylum-seekers and refugees who traded oppression for destitution on the streets of a country that is a home only in name.


My Life As A Refugee:

Wrestle with the dilemmas facing millions of refugees on UNHCR's brand new app.

Telling the Human Story

Hear the stories of hardship, courage and perseverance from the displaced people themselves.

read more

UNHCR in Central Europe

Ensuring access to safe territory, fair asylum procedures, decent reception conditions and facilitating integration and resettlement.

read more

Work with UNHCR

Find out the current work and business opportunities.

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